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At ladybird we have a range of regular and additional treatments to enhance and maintain the quality of your lawn.  Using only high quality, professional products, the core of our business is the four seasonal visits described below.  We will then recommend our optional treatments, such as scarification and aeration, only if we believe there will be genuine benefits.


Spring Treatment

Spring is an important season for looking after your lawn.

After tough winter conditions, it needs careful attention as soon as the days start to draw out and the grass starts to grow. Giving your lawn the care and attention it needs now will help you to gain the best possible results throughout the year.

It is essential that your lawn is fed during spring. The grass plants are growing rapidly at this time and, like any living thing, need the correct nutrients in the correct quantities in order to grow strong and healthy. Our professional-grade Spring fertiliser will ensure your lawns receives this, resulting in a healthy, thicker, denser, greener sward.

Your lawn will also be sprayed with a suitable selective broadleaf herbicide to eradicate those unsightly weeds.

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Summer Treatment

Summer is the time of year to really enjoy your lawn and the benefits of your spring treatment. 

To carry on the good work done by the spring treatment, we will apply a season-specific slow-release summer fertiliser to keep the lawn in top condition through the warm, dry summer months.

Another application of selective herbicide will be applied where needed for those stubborn weeds.


Autumn Treatment

Autumn is a key season for your lawn. It is important to use the remaining months of the growing season to strengthen and prepare the lawn for the rigours winter may bring. The effort put into a lawn in autumn will improve the quality and health of the lawn heading into the winter.

Our autumn feed will supply your lawn with the essential nutrients it needs to prepare and strengthen itself for winter. As autumn advances, damp, mild or cold conditions can lead to various diseases such as fusarium patch. Applying our autumn treatment will help battle these by strengthening the grass as well as giving your lawn a desirable green colour.


Winter Treatment

Although winter is a relatively quiet time in the garden, there is still the need to help your lawn through these colder months. As grass growth becomes dormant, moss will try its best to take a hold in your lawn. A moss control treatment is applied with added nutrients to keep the moss in check and give your lawn some needed help through winter.

  • Do you have to sign a contract?
    No. We are a pay as you go service which you can cancel at any time.
  • Is it safe for pets and children?
    Yes but we advise they are kept off the grass for about 2 hours after treating.
  • Do the treatments require watering in?
    No we use top quality, professional products that are safe to apply when dry. However, watering can help in dry periods to maintain colour.
  • How quickly will I see an improvement in my lawn condition?
    We would expect weeds to die and the grass to improve after about two weeks, normal weather conditions allowing!
  • Do you scarify in the winter?
    No we believe this to be extremely bad practice and should only be carried out when grass is growing, as per RHS guidelines.
  • Do I have to be in when you visit?
    No but it is always nice if you are! Our invoice will tell you your next treatment date and we also send an email reminder.

Seasonal Treatments

Additional Treatments

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