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Business As Usual (nearly!)

We have started a stage return to work with Steve and I back now and Greg and Mike on 11th May. Greg and Mike both have young children at home and we wanted d to be as safe as possible, whilst also considering the needs of our customers.

I think it was the right thing to do to stay away at the most critical point of the pandemic. It is helpful that we haven’t encouraged our customers into DD agreements which allows us to respond better to problems and means nobody pays for anything that shouldn’t or can’t be done.

Everyone one now will get at least one feed and weed before the end of June so, although far from perfect, we can still do plenty of good.

If allowed please can I mention my daughter Molly who nurses on the COVID ward at the Norfolk and Norwich. She has worked tirelessly, caught and recovered from the disease, and is now back at work. Good on her!!


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