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Spring News

Repairing Bare Patches in Your Lawn

After the rigours of last summer's record temperatures and lack of rain, we can finally start addressing all the problems that has caused.  With this in mind, and your spring treatment completed, it is a very good time to patch any bare areas on the lawn. Here is our method; -

1) Lightly rake the bare areas until soil is visible – you don’t need to remove everything but the roots must find the soil.

2) Mix in a bucket your chosen seed* and some fine compost or topsoil.

3) Thinly spread over the affected area and firm down with the back of a rake

4) Water in and do not allow to dry, especially after the seed has germinated

Please talk to your Groundsman if further advice is required or the area too big to manage at this time.

*We recommend a hard-wearing rye mix in most situations

Postcard Reminders

Over the coming months we will gradually be discontinuing postcard reminders and using email instead. If you do not already benefit from this service please email with your name and customer number and we will enter your email onto the database.  Please remember the date of your next regular treatment is always on the bottom of your current invoice.

If you never use email and would still like a postcard reminder then please let us know.

All here at Ladybird Lawncare would very much like to thank you for continuing custom, especially after a year like 2018, and here's hoping for a brilliant growing season and lovely green lawns.

Best Regards

Tim, Greg, Liam, Simon and Steve

Ladybird Lawncare Ltd


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